Tempus Renatus Farm

GAMALIEL: Tempus Renatus Hanoverians: SOLD


Foal Date: 3/18/2010
Height: Currently 15.1h
Color: Chestnut Sabino
Breeder:Tempus Renatus Farm
Price: $10,000


“Gamma” is a wonderful chestnut sabino colt by the exceptional stallion Gold Luck out of the legendary Grundstein. The G-line of Hanoverians is known for producing top-notch sporthorses of the classic German warmblood type with many famous stallions that won the hearts of many. Gold Luck’s name was almost added to this list, however an early bout with Lyme disease snuffed out his career before it could even truly begin. He is known for producing top-notch athletes with great minds and beautiful movement.


  Gold Luck    
      Tudor Delight
      Wenzel I
    Wenzel’s Aria  



Gamma, like his siblings, is a phenomenal athlete with an exceptional temperament and presence. He is very friendly and curious, though sensitive to what his human may demand. He was imprinted as a foal, and this start is evident in the way he interacts with humans. He absolutely loves his people and wants all the attention. He acts like a big puppy, following us around in the pasture with ears forward. Everyone notices him immediately with his bright coloring and big presence, not even realizing that he is only two years old.


Gamma’s gaits are absolutely lovely. He naturally over-tracks in his walk and trot and reaches under to his girth line very well in the canter with lovely hock action. While I cannot attest to the comfort of his gaits, I can say that, as his dam’s gaits are smooth and easy to sit, his should be very similar. His square build puts him at a natural advantage for collection and power in the hind legs. He shows wonderful talent for any discipline with the movement for dressage and the ability for jumping as well as the temperament for eventing. When he was but a few weeks old, he jumped in and out of the round bale feeder at the barn where he was boarded. He will be an exceptional performance horse as he grows older.

Sales Information

Gamma is offered for sale to the right home. He will bond deeply with his human and will take them to the stars if they ask. He will be big, finishing at about 17h or so, but his manners are such that he will be easy to handle even at that size. If you are looking for a soul mate to take you all the way in whatever discipline, this is your guy.

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