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We plan to offer in the near future boarding for your horses with custom options, as we feel every horse and owner are individuals with individual needs.


Emily is in training with one of SRS Oberbereiter Karl Mikolka’s certified students, Mary Werning of Camden, SC, and she will become our primary trainer when she reaches such a point. She will be available for lessons and training other horses. Her talent lies with the more sensitive and emotional horses and horses that have not necessarily had an easy life. She is finishing her certification in BASI Pilates and as a Pilates instructor has innate understanding of how the rider’s body works and what it needs to stay fit and healthy so riding can be continued for years. She is available on a limited basis for Pilates sessions as well. Contact for details.


We are also dealers for Dynamite Feed and carry a variety of items made by Dynamite. We are more than happy to discuss this feed and its advantages.

As we work toward our goal of self-sufficiency, we plan to have our own gardens and other produce, which may be offered for sale locally. We are working with Peter Thomasson, the horticulturist of the family, to plan with indigenous and sustainable plants in mind. Check back for more updates as we grow and develop!