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Tempus Renatus Lipizzans: Seraphina


Mare Line: Presciana
Foal Date: 1997
Height: 15.0h
Color:Bay (EEAagrgr)
Breeder: Across the Diagonal Farm


Seraphina is a girl with the heart of a lion. She is confident and bold, and her movement shows only part of it. Her pedigree is mostly imported, her sire the legendary 16h black stallion Siglavy IX-6, aka Joszef, and her dam’s parents hailing from Bábolna. Joszef was a wonderful stallion of the Hungarian driving type, and he excelled at everything he was asked to do, from dressage to cutting to driving. His foals are all beautiful and exceptionally talented with wonderful temperaments.

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Buena Sera Siglavy Seraphina Novella Maestoso Seraphina
2003 mare by
Siglavy Angelica II-1
2004 stallion by
Siglavy Angelica II-1
2006 mare by
Siglavy Angelica II-1
2007 colt by
Maestoso II Favoressa III

While “Sera” is more of the driving type like her sire, she shows exceptional movement with beautiful, high-stepping action and a large, swinging canter. Her gaits are quite large and powerful to ride, though comfortable and easy to work with. She learns new things almost instantly. My trainer has asked not a few times, “Are you sure she wasn’t trained to do this before?” I probably could have trained her to drive in one day, as her sire was, but I did not have a cart or harness on hand when she learned to long-line. She is a wonderful riding and driving horse with exceptional temperament and presence. I ride her in group lessons every week, and she is not at all “mareish” and keeps up with the big warmblood mare that shares our lesson.


      125 Siglavy Toplica XIV
    Siglavy XI  
      60 Trofetta IV
  Siglavy XI-6 Szilvásvárad    
      Conversano XXII
    92 Conversano XXII  
      32 Maestoso XXVII
      Neapolitano XIX
    Neapolitano XIX-5
      29 Favory XIX
  Con Bria    
      Siglavy Capriola VII
    Siglavy Capriola VII-4
      5 13 Neapolitano XIII



Sera is truly self-confident, a classic Lipizzan mare. She is very vocal about her feelings and can be heard talking to passer-bys from her stall, ordering them to come over and give her sugar. She is confident on the trails and exudes confidence under saddle in her massive presence. She is the one I would introduce to people who are scared of horses because of her gentle yet confident demeanor.Offspring

Her foals have all been absolutely breathtaking. She consistently has produced stock of the highest quality, particularly when bred to classic-type stallions. She has produced phenomenal athleticism and wonderful temperaments as well as her big, comfortable gaits. Pictures of her foals can be seen here.


Her color is also special. She is a rich mahogany bay with no white, and she has the potential to produce black foals, a rare color in this country. While we do not breed specifically for color, it is always a good bonus in a program in order to keep the gene pool diverse. Seraphina is available for custom foals via embryo transfer.


We bred Sera by embryo transfer this year to our stallion, Conversano Ivey, and we are proud to say that we had a successful conception on the first try. This foal is available for sale in utero by private treaty, or Sera may be reserved for another embryo transfer foal to a stallion of choice - Contact Us for details.

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