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Tempus Renatus Lusitano: Orfeo

Breed: Puro Sangue Lusitano
Foal Date: 1995
Height: 15.2h
Color: Grey (full color test pending)
Breeder: Gaston Santos
Stud Fee: $1200


Orfeo is a remarkable PSL stallion that we happened on by accident. We were looking for potential breeding stock and/or a schoolmaster, and we found both in one package when surfing the internet. Orfeo is a pure Veiga stallion with direct lineage to the legendary Nilo, bred and ridden by Manuel Veiga and featured in books. Orfeo’s lineage has been proven to produce phenomenal dressage and bullfighting horses that are successful in the show ring.

Orfeo is a textbook Veiga in nearly every way. He is sensitive, intelligent, refined, athletic, and kind. He has the classic Veiga head with the very slight convex profile and large, expressive eyes. He is square in build with a long, powerful neck, a rare but very well-sought contradiction. His limbs are well set beneath him and straight with good angles. His shoulder is very free and croup quite powerful. Orfeo started his career as a bullfighter for Gaston Santos, Jr., in Mexico. Upon reaching the age of 10, he began to anticipate the rider in the bullring, so he was imported to the States. His talent for bullfighting has carried over beautifully in classical dressage.


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Movement & Behavior

He has talent for wonderful collection, offering piaffe and passage as well as beautiful extension with ease. He is very trainable and intelligent as well as eager to please. He is very forgiving and kind to his rider when mistakes are made, and he will try to do what he thinks the rider is asking. When asked correctly, he is simply breathtaking with huge presence, his gaits comfortable and smooth. He always has a group of people that just gape at his beauty at lessons and at shows. Orfeo has good talent for jumping as well, though we focus mostly on his dressage career.

Orfeo is a playful stallion, tricking people into thinking he is much younger than he is. He is quite the ham for attention from human observers at our lessons, particularly the ladies. He is very gentle and easy to handle but unafraid to be silly at times, always with gentlemanly composure.

His quiet temperament makes him great for leisurely trail-riding both in groups and by himself. His light yet baroque build would produce a lovely horse as versatile as he is. When crossed with a Quarter Horse to make an Azteca, I am sure he would produce a wonderful cutting or reining horse with his powerful athleticism. When crossed with a warmblood or thoroughbred, he should produce a nice all-around sporthorse with athleticism to boot.


Orfeo also shows signs of some unusual color hidden by the gray, so we are testing for heterozygosity and the roan gene. His close relative, Maquiavelo, carries the roan gene, so I have reason to believe that Orfeo might also. Such colors are good to keep the diversity of the gene pool, though they are not everything.


Orfeo does not have any foals on the ground in the States, though I think Santos did breed him before he was imported. We plan to breed him to Gloria Salutat for an Iberian Warmblood foal. He should cross well with a wide variety of horses with his lovely build and temperament.


Booking fee: $250 (nonrefundable, due before first semen collection)
Purebred Lusitano/Andalusian mares: $1200 including booking fee
Other mares: $950 including booking fee (Foals are eligible for IALHA Crossbred Registry and can compete for IALHA annual awards)
Shipped Cooled or Frozen Semen only; Fresh Warm Semen can be arranged if in close proximity
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