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Tempus Renatus Kangal Dogs: Shadow Wings' Rüya Meleği

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Shadow Wings' Rüya Meleği is a strikingly beautiful Kangal female with a very quiet, gentle temperament and powerful guardian instincts. She loves her charges and makes sure that everyone is at peace and is safe as possible. However, she is extremely sweet and friendly, but very gentle in her affection. She loves children of all ages, even if they are a little intimidated by her size. She is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had.

She has a beautiful lighter build for a Kangal, but it does not take away from her power and strength. She has taken down a variety of threats, some with Aslan’s help and some without, and her lighter build gives her amazing speed and agility. She has beautiful movement, very cat-like and gliding, and she is often sculpted with powerful muscle due to her super-sized yard and chance to exercise naturally. She is smaller for a Kangal, weighing 90lbs and measuring about 30in at the shoulder, but her first litter was full of big, strong puppies with her same sweetness and loving temperament. Rüya’s lines are extremely influential in this country and very consistent in quality. Her siblings have gone all over the country for all kinds of jobs from ambassadors at the Indianapolis Zoo for the Cheetah Project to guards against black bears in Alaska. Her nieces and nephew have also gone on to become therapy dogs, breeding stock, and, of course, guardians of the top caliber. Her parents have also led long, active lives; true testaments to the longevity of the breed.

Rüya produced a litter of 9 healthy puppies on April 1st, 2014 with our male, Cesur Aslan. This was not our intention, but when the cold weather decided to thwart our plans with AI, we discussed using Aslan instead with various breeding experts, including a vet, and all agreed that this was the best way to go. We couldn’t be happier with what they produced. The puppies are beautiful with good substance and size and beautiful masks and other markings, very much traditional Turkish type. We look forward to what becomes of this beautiful litter and to future litters from Rüya.


Shadow Wings' Rüya Meleği is a pure Kangal dog of the finest of lines in this country, her sire Kahraman of Misty Acres and her dam CH Doga Farms’ Lokum. Her siblings have gone all over the country for all kinds of jobs from being ambassadors at the Indianapolis Zoo for the Cheetah Project to guarding against black bears in Alaska. Her parents are known for producing dogs with extremely strong instincts and great bone with some of the best PennHip evaluations in the country.

    Yaman- Turkey  
  Kahraman of Misty Acres    
    Ayse- Turkey  
Shadow Wings' Rüya Meleği      
    Topuz- Turkey  
  CH Doga Farm’s Lokum    
    Karakus - Turkey  

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