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We chose the Kangal dog because of its versatility as a guardian and as a therapy dog and overall companion. It has been one of the best choices we made, and because of our love for this breed, we chose to dedicate our efforts to its conservation. We carefully choose dogs based on temperament, versatility guardian ability, hardiness, and bloodlines, and we focus on adhering to the traditional model and standard of breeding as seen in Turkey. We only breed every two years in order to keep our girls healthy and fit, and each potential buyer is carefully screened.

Our dogs freely roam 47 acres and guard against coyotes, raccoon, possums, birds of prey, stray dogs, and the occasional shady character or exotic predator (there are a few rumors of black bears and cougars around these parts). We give our dogs the luxury of having all the land to roam, a pond to swim in, and many dens, man-made and natural. We frequently take them on trips to socialize with people and other animals, and as a result, they are friendly and warm toward most visitors and are very flexible with spontaneous trips or new animals. We only feed the best dog foods, all based on a natural, ancestral model to give them a diet that is closer to the raw, whole foods that dogs find in nature. We give our dogs Dynamite vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy as naturally as possible.

Tempus Renatus 2017 Winter Updates

We had a beautiful litter of puppies in October 2016 with Shadow Wings' Ruya Melegi and Doga Farm's Ancient Warrior! These pups are exquisite and have great temperaments. Due to contracts falling through, there are two pups available: one male and one female. The pups have been temperament tested and started obedience training and livestock guardian dog training with our San Clemente Island goats (more information on our herd of SCIs coming soon!). We also are tentatively offering a male from our 2014 litter for discerning buyers. He is excellent with goats, cattle, horses, children, and people in general. Contact us for more information!


Rüya Meleği

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Cesur Aslan

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We intend to have all our dogs certified as therapy dogs due to their kind temperament and the desperate need for animal therapy in our area. We do offer military and police discounts, as these dogs are excellent for protecting the family while a father/mother/husband/wife is away, and we especially love sending these dogs to homes where they can be used for therapy with the Wounded Warrior Project and other programs.

Kangals have an ancient, wise presence about them that is immensely powerful and healing. They are living monuments to ancient wisdom that are most worthy of conservation. Not everyone can appreciate this ancient, spiritual aura of the Kangal, as they are fully aware of their roles in preserving what remains of ancient days and demand the respect they know they deserve. As a result, they can be stubborn and aristocratic, and because of their sheer size and strength, this can be hazardous to someone who either does not respect their role in the world or who confuse coddling for respect. They need a strong alpha who will respect their feelings and train them in the way they want to be trained. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether you would be a fit for this magical breed.

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Litter of 2014

April Fool’s puppies are here! Rüya and Aslan had a beautiful litter of 6 males and 3 females, all with their parents’ laid-back, friendly temperament. We couldn’t be more proud. As of 5/27, puppies are still available. Contact us for availability.

Litter of 2014: Rüya Meleği x Cesur Aslan

Upcoming Litters:

We plan to breed Rüya in early 2016 to Misty Acres’ Micah. Reservations available for both males and females.Contact us for details.