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Tempus Renatus Kangal Dogs: Shadow Wings' Cesur Aslan

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Aslan is a striking male Kangal with everything we hoped for in a stud dog. On the one hand, he is very quiet and gentle. He loves meeting new people, on or off the farm, and adores his cats and horses, even letting the stud colt, Py, try to groom him or pick him up. On the other hand, he is extremely protective and won’t let predators or shady people onto the farm. He is large for a Kangal but well proportioned, measuring 140lbs at 18 months of age. He loves giving people drive-thru kisses if they’re in small cars (or drive-thru snuggles in big ones if he gets by with jumping on the door… people think it is adorable while I cringe at the thought!!!), and he is very gentle and loving with children, foals, and puppies alike.

He has a stoic, noble appearance that is broken by his frequent bouts of playful lovingness and protection instinct. In spite of his size, he is very fast and agile, having captured a wide variety of predatory or edible animals (including mice, squirrels, fish, deer, and raccoon, most of which he brings back to share with the family…). He is usually a farm favorite for visitors, as they just hug his massive head and stroke his soft coat.


Aslan comes from very rare bloodlines in this country and brings fresh material to the gene pool. His sire, Ancient Warrior, brought fresh genetics to the American population when he was imported, and Kapar’s lines are also minimally represented in the American population. We are thrilled to have such rare lines represented in our pack.

We bred him to Rüya in early 2014 out of somewhat unusual circumstances when the cold snap ruined our chances of AI with Misty Acres’ Micah. We discussed using Aslan so early with many other professionals, breeders and vets alike, and everyone agreed this was a good decision, especially when they saw and met him. To our joy, he had exceptional fertility (with a whopping 95%+ progressive motility), and his puppies are breathtakingly beautiful, friendly, and sweet. We hope some will go on to further contribute to the breed’s survival. He passes on his perfect temperament and handsome looks, and we look forward to seeing what becomes of his offspring.

We also intend to have both him and Ruya certified as therapy dogs, as they both have that ancient, healing presence that Kangal enthusiasts savor and enjoy. We will offer him publicly at stud via fresh cooled or frozen semen to purebred Kangals only. We can take in dogs for live cover care, but we’d prefer to keep a closed kennel for the health and safety of our dogs and other animals. Please contact us for details.

Pure Sivas Kangal Kopeği

    Serkan, Jr  
  Ancient Warrior (Imported)    
Shadow Wings' Cesur Aslan      
  New Dawn (Imported)    

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