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4/2/18 - We are updating our site - STAY TUNED !!

home page picTempus Renatus LLC is a small, family-owned farm operation nestled in the Sandhills of North Carolina. The farm lies on 47 acres of rolling pastures and old pine forests, secluded yet just down the road from the Carolina Horse Park at Five Points.

We are slowly working toward our goal of self-sufficiency and are more than happy to discuss sustainable farming and animal husbandry to anyone who may be interested. We occasionally offer youngstock for sale and reservations for future youngstock.

Tempus Renatus 2017 Updates

We kicked off our 2017 classical dressage clinic series in January with Mary Werning, certified student of Karl Mikolka, and we are now continuing it with a clinic with Anita Adams, another certified student of Karl Mikolka. We will be having Anita March 3-5. Lessons are $200 each, and auditing is $35/day or $90 for all three days. All riders looking to improve their dressage work and turn their horses into equine bodybuilders are welcome, training level to Grand Prix. Learn more about Anita. Contact Us for more information on auditing and lessons!

Tempus Renatus Horses

We strive to breed the best quality classic-type horses with emphasis on temperament, movement, and bloodlines. While we primarily breed for dressage, our horses often are talented for multiple disciplines including jumping, driving, and eventing.

We have a few lovely horses for sale and offer stud services from our two stallions as well as custom foals from our mares. We also offer embryo transfer options from our mares, should you wish to raise the foal from birth.

Tempus Renatus Horses 2014 Spring Updates

Our herd size has increased. We have added two Lipizzan mares, Primablanca and Bresciana, another Lipizzan stallion, Maestoso Orcia, and an adorable Kerry Bog Pony mare, Dempsey's Bog Star. We couldn't be happier with these additions to our herd. We had three foals last year: fillies Bellangela (Conversano Ivey x Seraphina) and Incitata (Orfeo x Gloria Salutat), and colt Pythagoras av Renaessancen (Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof x EM Walkyria). All three yearlings are available for sale to the right home.

We also have the following foals available in utero: Maestoso Orcia x Primablanca and Pegasus vom Niehaus-Hof x EM Walkyria. We plan to repeat the breeding of Conversano Ivey with Seraphina and breed Maestoso Orcia with Bresciana. Seraphina is available for breeding via embryo transfer, and all mares are available for custom breeding once they've foaled.

Tempus Renatus Kangal Dogs

The Kangal dog is an ancient breed of livestock guardian dog bred over centuries to protect the flocks of shepherds in what is now modern-day Turkey. The Kangal is an intelligent, noble and hardy breed more than capable of fulfilling its job as a guardian. The Kangal and the other livestock guardian breeds of Turkey are the foundation breeds for the American Anatolian Shepherd. Starting with our 2011 puppy, Misty Acres’ Rüya Meleği, we plan to breed Kangal dogs of the highest quality.Kangals are not for everyone, so we carefully screen all who are interested in purchasing a puppy from our breeding program. Learn more about our Kangal Dogs.

Tempus Renatus Kangal Dogs 2014 Spring Updates

We have added a handsome Sivas male, Shadow Wing's Cesur Aslan (Doga Farm's Ancient Warrior x New Dawn). He is everything we could hope for in a male: quiet, strong, dedicated, obedient, and very affectionate and loving (his specialty is drive-thru kisses). At 15mo, he measured a whopping 135lbs, most of that in sheer mass, as he is very solidly built with excellent conformation.

Ruya delivered her first litter on April Fool's by Aslan after much logistical trouble with AI shipping etc. She delivered 6 males and 3 females, all healthy and strong. As Aslan and Ruya both have such quiet, gentle temperaments, these pups should have nothing but the best attitude and guarding ability as well as being easier for first-time Kangal owners (but still a delight for long-time Kangal enthusiasts). There are still puppies available, so please contact for more details until the new updates are posted.

Looking Forward

We hope to offer soon in the future classical dressage training according to the principles of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna as well as board for your horses, be it broodmare board, pasture board, or full board.

We plan to have clinics with various classical instructors as well as exhibitions with other trainers or breeders.