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Tempus Renatus Warmbloods: Gloria Salutat

Breed: RPSI (Approved); AWR (pending)
Foal Date: 2000
Height: 16.1h
Color: Flea-bitten Grey
Breeder: TJ LeBlanc


“Jasmine” is a lovely Dutch WB/TB cross with fantastic jumping lines. Her grandsire is Margie Engel’s Olympic jumper, Saluut II, and the rest of her sire’s side is predominately Trakehner and warmblood. Her dam is out of good racing lines, though her ancestors were all more classic-type thoroughbreds in spite of their success on the track.

Despite her lineage, however, she has great talent for dressage and working equitation. She is an elegant lady with beautiful movement, though her temperament outshines everything else. She is my “Bedouin” mare; she is very delicate with her people and treats them as if they were her own foals. She takes care of new riders quite delicately, though she tests those who know her more. She is a little bit of a one-man horse, but no one complains. She and I have gone galloping across the meadow bareback in a rope halter not a few times.

As Jasmine was not registered when she was born and both parents are deceased, she is currently not registered with the KWPN as she ought to have been, and DNA parentage verification is unavailable. Thus, she is pending registry with the American Warmblood Registry, and we hope to produce lovely, top-quality foals through them.


    Saluut II  
  Bold Saluut    
      Raja Baba
    Well Decorated  
      Paris Breeze
  Hope and Glory    
      Better Bee
    Oh So Bold  
      Bold Bikini





Movement & Behavior

Jasmine bears great resemblance to her Trakehner ancestors with a square build, arching neck, and lovely shoulder. Her movement is very arabesque and floating with excellent reach and natural tendency to travel uphill. She is extremely comfortable to ride with a very soft, floating canter and smooth, extremely easy-to-sit trot. She shows particular affinity for collection, though she has beautiful extension as well.

She is highly tuned to the rider’s aids, giving everything with just a simple thought and shift of weight. She blossoms under highly-tuned aids, and when asked incorrectly, she will give exactly what the rider asked. She passes this trait on to her foals, an excellent trait for schooling upper levels. This trait has made her my finest teacher, as I am able to play with the tiniest aids and bring myself to highest refinement even when not under constant supervision of a trainer.


She is confirmed in foal to Orfeo for an Iberian Warmblood foal. This foal will potentially be an excellent dressage/WE as well as jumping or all-purpose prospect. The foal is available in utero by private treaty.

Gloria Salutat is the dam of: Femina Fortuna 2008 Mare by Chorizo

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